July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Fraudsters and criminals are roaming free, the government still to collect evidence against them

The rights and liberty of humans in war zones are being crushed by the rebel groups, whereas, governments are acting impotent

The sufferings of people living in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran don't seem to end in the coming years because of the lenient attitude of governments in combating rampant corruption in these countries. The international funds sent for reconstruction of schools, hospitals, and buildings, and other humanitarian purposes in Afghanistan are abused and wasted by corrupt local private contractors of Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

The spectrum of depraving people working in Afghanistan, masking themselves as a well-wisher of the USA and the netizens, was measured precisely after Tony Abi Saab and his partner in crime Raymond Azar executed a multi-billion dollars contracts fraud against the US Corps of Engineer. Everything these two Lebanese businessmen did was a big scam—some of their companies never existed like K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch, these were run on the fake name of Sarah Lee; most of the projects assigned of rebuilding roads and infrastructure assigned to them were not even started despite being paid fully for them.

Tony Abi Saab owned Brescia Middle East, an international arms dealer company that cheated 5 million dollars of the US Army. BME also sold weapons to the terrorists active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan and also laundered the crime money obtained from the terrorists. Whereas, his partner in crime Raymond Azar was running Sima Salazar International, a fake reconstruction company in Afghanistan and had procured $155 million contracts of the US military before being caught. The US Army orchestrated a sting operation to catch the fraudsters and they succeeded in that. Both Tony and Raymond were caught red-handed with valuable documents and cash to bribe the Corps in different years. Raymond was caught in 2009 and Tony in 2011. They both were flown to the US court to stand the trial. Raymond served five years in prison and paid a penalty of $15 million. Tony is shrewder and more cunning than Raymond, he was well aware of the loopholes in the justice system. He escaped the heavy jail term by pleading human rights violation and errors in collecting evidence against the CIA.

The multi-million dollars fraud is a tight slap on the government's careless attitude towards the criminals. It's time to learn from their mistakes and rectify it. If they continue to act blind to the smuggling of weapons and corruption then violence and conflict will never stop.

Marc Azani
Middle East