April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Advanced weapons were supplied to terrorist organizations through BME

Terrorist purchase contraband weapons from Tony Abi Saab

The special investigation team of the United States exposed the illegal business of Tony Abi Saab, a Lebanon native who deals in arms and weapons. After a month of struggle, the FBI and the CIA succeeded in arresting the non-state actors involved in war crimes through a global sting operation, which included the arrest of Tony Abi Saab—an illegal arms dealer.

Most of the weapons used by the terrorists during the war in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan were manufactured in China, the Middle East or Europe. The research suggests that the majority of firearms used by Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iran were illegally supplied to them from Tony’s company.
Tony Abi Saab is a corrupt Lebanese businessman who owns an international arms and weapons dealing company, Brescia Middle East (BME). He has set up a number of ghost companies such as K5 Global, Bennet-Fouch, G2 Armory, SIMIANT, Brixia worldwide.

These fake companies were to get tenders from the US Government by hiding the real cause and used them to grow his illegal business of supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations. The US Army arrested Tony Abi Saab and brought him to stand a trial in the US court for his serious charges of providing weapons to terrorists and committing 5 million USD frauds. But he saved his life due to the loopholes in the US justice System and walk out of the court merely by small penalty.

His main arms and weapons company, Brescia Middle East along with his shell companies in Europe and the Middle East were banned from doing business in the United States still, they are active and doing business everywhere in the world expect the USA.

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