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Greedy Army contractors make money at the cost of lives of civilians in war-torn countries

Many US Army contractors pleaded guilty on bribery and fraud charges, Lebanon’s Tony Abi Saab roams free.

Millions of dollars have been wasted in rampant Defence contract fraud in Afghanistan

Middle East defence contractors find loopholes to defraud US Army.

Tony freed and Brescia Middle East still doing business--neither good news for the protectors of world s peace

Innocents are dying in Syria but Tony is busy in counting the blood money he earns from illegally selling of weapons to the ISIS.

Brescia Middle East is doing business with its neighbouring countries after being banned in the United States

Illegal Arms trader, Tony’s business visa is valid for any country except the USA

Syria s genocide has a connection with Lebanon s powerful businessmen like Tony and Raymond

Illicit trades of Tony and Raymond are costing lives of innocent civilians of war-torn countries as they are making deals with terrorist leaders.

Sima Salazar Group and Brescia Middle East together cheated the US Corps of Engineer of multi-million dollars

To complex the relationship and easy functioning of fraudulent activities, Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar faked to be strangers to each other in front the US officials. In reality the president of Sima Salazar Group, Raymond Azar and the owner of Brescia Middle East, Tony Abi Saab are close family relatives. Most of the shareholders of the Sima Salazar group are the family members of the Tony.

Role of Lebanon national Tony Abi Saab in Syria War

Civil wars in Syria have been raging for more than seven years now; have been the driving force behind most of the arms dealing. The post-war scene of Syria is as horrifying as the beginning days of the war, where many international militaries fought a battle against the deadly terrorist group, ISIS. The land is still not completely free from terrorism.

The Lebanese connection to the global illegal arms trade

The proliferation and diversion of illicit small arms and light weapons by the people like Tony Abi Saab have fueled civil wars and terrorism in the war-torn regions.

Illegal arms dealers are expanding their businesses in Asia, Africa, and Europe

Illegal arms dealers like Tony Abi Saab of Lebanon is helping rebel groups active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan by selling them arms and weapons, despite knowing that the weapons will be used to kill innocent civilians. Tony Abi Saab is supporting terrorists for his own greed for wealth. He is the owner of international arms dealing company, Brescia Middle East (BME) which defrauded the US Army of $5 million through his shell companies—K5 Global, Tactica Ltd, G2Armory and SIMAINT. BME also laundered the crime money obtained from terrorists and re-routed them to his business partners who helped Tony in bypassing weapons through border securities.

Lebanon business tycoon is accused of war crimes

For eradicating terrorism completely from the world, governments need to root out illegal arms dealers who are indirectly involved in destroying the peace of the world.